Can you escape disinformation?

We are overwhelmed by information every day. We don’t have enough free time so sometimes we don’t check the source. We don’t even distinguish truth and false. Sometimes, we trust the information simply because it was sent to us by our friend or because it supports our view of the world. And this can be the stumbling-block as there are many people who wants us to trust disinformation and nonsenses.

The goal of our project is teaching high-school students to think critically about the information which they read on the social media every day. We don’t want to bore anyone with long lectures or tell them what they can read and what is forbidden. Our aim is to give the students an opportunity to practice how to verify information and to realise what pitfalls are waiting for them in the online environment. At the same time, we want to offer teachers a simple tool to make media literacy education more attractive.

Let’s try what it feels like to be a journalist. Can you distinguish lies and manipulation from truth? The game Fakescape will show if you can escape disinformation.

What is Fakescape?

Fakescape is an escape game made by university students. This escape game was developed to help our society with media literacy and critical thinking.  It is both fun and learning at the same time. 

We are teaching high school students (but not only them) how to reveal fake news, think critically and how to verify information. In our game players become journalists in 2028 few weeks before presidential elections in Czech Republic. Their task is to find a candidate, who spreads disinformation and stop his evil plan to cancel summer holidays.

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