We are a group of six students from the department of political science at Masaryk University and we are under the leadership of Miloš Gregor and Petra Vejvodová. We got tired of listening how Czech people can’t verify information and that students don’t know how to identify manipulation or fake news. From our own experience we know that teachers do not always pay enough attention to the media literacy and students often leave the school without this important knowledge. That’s why we have decided, in Autumn 2018, that we must do something about it, as we do not want the students to be fooled by anyone. However, we didn’t want to only give lectures and tell them what they should do. We wanted them to try, in a practical and fun way, what it feels like to reveal people who spread disinformation, to avoid fake news and not to be tricked by anyone. Therefore, we invented an escape game which can help the teachers to teach media literacy and make their lessons more interesting.

Project management

I am from Třebíč. When I am not travelling and exploring the East and the Balkans, I am interested in politics and military. My big hobby are strategic and military PC games. I also like sleeping and lying in a bed (some call it procrastination, I say its relaxation). I study political science and security and strategic studies at Masaryk University. 

I am 21 and I am from Valašské Meziříčí (and I am proud of that). Currently, I spend most of the time in Brno where I study political science and security and strategic studies. I also spent a lot of time in Prague because I like to try different internships and projects of which the majority takes places in the capital. Besides studying, I like travelling, I play football, I practice photographing and I spend time with family and friends.

Contact: gilar@fakescape.cz

I graduated from journalism and political science at Faculty of social sciences, Masaryk University. Currently, I continue with master’s programme in political science. In Fakescape I focus mainly on social media and marketing. I also engage in these fields in other projects, for example pIšQworky or Prezentiáda. I take a break from a computer occasionally by catching balls in a floorball net.

Contact: hanus@fakescape.cz

I like travelling, exploring, getting lost and, whether I go North or South, I always bring back with me a lot of experience. I also like photography and first republic cars. Besides Fakescape I am also a head of the editorial board in Radio R. I study journalism and political science in Brno, but my home is Podkrkonoší.

Contact: kracmarova@fakescape.cz

I am from Kladno and as a proper citizen of Kladno I am a huge ice hockey fan. Sports are a big part of my life in general. Besides that, I also like photographing, travelling and learning languages. I study security and strategic studies and journalism at Masaryk University.

Contact: vinklova@fakescape.cz

I am a student of master’s programme in political science at Faculty of social Sciences, Masaryk University. I take care of Fakescape’s economy and also observe formal rules of P2P Digital Challenge. My hobbies are hanging out with family and friends, studying, table tennis, pIšQworky, reading and cycling.

Contact: sip@fakescape.cz

Team members

I am from beautiful town of Jindřichův Hradec, where I make some extra money as a host in the local radio. I study political science and journalism in Brno. I have tons of hobbies such as theatre, travelling or languages and I keep on adding new ones. I like to spend time with friends.

Contact: batelkova@fakescape.cz

I study political science and security and strategic studies at Masaryk University in Brno. I dedicate my free time to sports, mainly football. As a proper student I also watch TV series and read books. 

Contact: fusaty@fakescape.cz