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New game teaches students how to identify disinformation

Brno Daily

Masaryk University’s “Fakescape” Win, and Continuing to Fight Fake News

Brno Daily

Fakescape: An Educational Game Developed By Czech Students To Counter Fake News Will Compete in a Facebook-sponsored Competition in Washington

Radio Free Europe

Fakescape: Czech Game Fights 'Fake News'


“I believe that Fakescape is a great initiative. Not only does it help to prepare our younger generations for life in the information age, it also contributes to the resilience and defense of our society against the threats of today’s world.”

“I am happy there is such a project that teaches students how difficult it is to be a journalist in the age of fake news and how important it is to fact check politicians. Moreover, it is addictive game!”

“Fakescape´s presentation in Washington, DC during the final Facebook Global Digital Challenge was exceptional. It is really exciting to see the important and effective campaign they developed that allows players to develop critical thinking and analytic skills. Keep up the very good work and the future of Fakescape appears to be extremely bright! Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the project.”

“This sounds pretty fun: lecturers and students at Masaryk University have developed an escape room that focuses on fictionalised disinformation and fact-checking, specifically tailored to fit an hour of teaching at school.”

“Disinformation campaigns, commonly known as fake news are of great danger to our societies. Apart from governmental programs that seem to be ineffective, the core task should be to educate and make the subjects of fake news more resilient. The resieliency come from each individual, his or her ability to understand, distinguish and critically asses the information. In this case the best way is to help the students, especially at high schools to get a hands on experience. Fakescape project by Masaryk University students is an ultimate tool developed by academia/researchers and students for students. I sincerely support this effort and wish them best of luck in approaching as many teenagers as possible, them being a highly vulnerable target audience of fake news.